Post Graduate Program in Quality Management+ SSGB+ PM+ Supply Chain Management Certification

Post Graduate Program in Quality Management+ SSGB+ PM+ Supply Chain Management Certification


Course Access Duration– 6 Months

Program Plan – Gives in-depth information about what is covered, schedule, different phases involved and Process

About Course

Post Graduate Program in Quality Management by IIBM India is the organization-wide management of quality. Management consists of planning, organizing, directing, control, and assurance. Online quality management is called total because it consists of two qualities: quality of return to satisfy the needs of the shareholders, and quality in distance of products. The Six Sigma Green Belt online course by IIBM India enhance skills in the improvement of projects and create a result oriented improvement culture. Online Six Sigma is a set of techniques and tools which seeks to focus on customer requirements through minimizing variability in manufacturing and improving process quality. Six sigma’s emphasis is on improving the capability of a process rather than controlling product quality. Project management is a carefully planned and organized effort to accomplish a specific onetime effort. Project management includes developing a project plan, which includes defining project goals and objectives, specifying tasks or how goals will be achieved, what resources are need, and associating budgets and timelines for completion. Supply chain management gives professionals to gain holistic view of the business and gain analytical knowledge and soft skills which is essential for the supply chain managers to make decisions to mitigate the risk and to collaborate across functional areas.

Eligibility & Course Access Duration 

Eligibility  Course Access Duration 
10+ 2 or equivalent  6 Months

Fee Details 

Fee Option Installment-I Installment-II (after 1 Month) Installment-III (after 1 Month) Total Fees
Lump sum Rs.40,000 Rs.40,000
Installment Rs.15,000 Rs.15,000 Rs.15,000 Rs.45,000
Payment Instruction
1. Fees need to be paid in lump sum / first Installment via Cheque or online payment in favor of “IIBM Institute of Business Management”.2. Exam Fees and GST 18% applicable 

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Course Curriculum


• Introduction to Quality Management
• Concept of Quality
• Customer Retention
• Concept of Quality Circle
• Total Quality Through Japanese
• Performance measure  5-S
• Statistical Process Control
• Process Capability and Six Sigma
• Tools and Techniques for Quality Management
• The Seven Tools of TQM
• ISO Concept


Part I Overview: Six Sigma and the Organization

• Six Sigma and Organizational Goals
• Lean Principles in the Organization
• Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) in the Organization

Part II Six Sigma __ Define

• Process Management for Projects
• Project Management Basics
• Management and Planning Tools
• Business Results for Projects
• Team dynamics and Performance
• Commonly Used Define Phase Tools

Part III Six Sigma__ Measure

• Process Analysis and Documentation
• Probability and Statistics
• Collecting and Summarizing Data
• Probability Distributions
• Measurement System Analysis
• Process Capability and Performance

Part IV Six Sigma__ Analyze

• Exploratory Data Analysis
• Hypothesis Testing

Part V Six Sigma__ Improve and Control

•Design of Experiments (DOE)
• Statistical Process Control (SPC)
• Implement and Validate Solutions
• Control Plan


• Managing a Project
• Managing Project Integration
• Managing the Project Scope
• Managing Project Time
• Managing Project Costs
• Managing Project Quality
• Managing Project Human Resources
• Managing Project Communications
• Managing Project Risks
• Introducing Project Procurement Management
• PMP Code of Professional Conduct


Introduction to Supply Chain Management

Highlight the goals, decisions phases, processes of supply chain and their impact on the firm to provide effective services
Explain how a company achieves strategic fit between its supply chain strategy and its competitive strategy for meeting customer needs

Traversing a Supply Chain

Delve into greater depth by traversing a Supply Chain from the end-customer viewpoint.
Students to gain an appreciation that different business verticals have very different ways of conducting business and this fundamentally impacts the way their supply chains are designed

Dig Deeper- The Retail Supply Chain – Realities of Retail Business Today

Describe Store and Merchandising and its relation to Supply Chain
Describe Inventory Management in Retail
Describe challenges of Transportation and Logistics in Retail.
Explain Procurement, Order Management, Customer relationship management in Retail

Dig Deeper- Supply Chain for the Manufacturer

Explain Inventory Management in Manufacturing
Describe Challenges of Transportation and Logistics in Manufacturing
Explain Procurement in Manufacturing

Other ways to Slice and Dice the Supply Chain

Describe Supply Chain Planning Versus Supply Chain Execution
Explain Analytics and the Supply Chain
Describe how to measure the Supply Chain

The Supply Chain Collaboration Story. The Future is Now!

Describe how ‘Collaboration’ is the mantra in the SCM world today across all business verticals
Understand how technology is impacting the way companies do business and how it is enabling collaboration.

Alumni Speak

N.C.RANGANATH HDFC LIFE INSURANCE CO. LTD., HYDERABAD, TELANGANA STATE It has been my long cherished dream to pursue further education. I have been working in life insurance sector since 1992 and occupied various positions in managerial cadre both in public and private sector. Due to tight work schedule I could not find time to pursue any further courses. Recently I took a sabbatical to become a Fellow of Teach for India for a period of two years. At the same time I also came across IIBM Institute of Business Management and found this valuable online course. The course helped me in getting deeper insight into various areas such as personnel management, financial services and Sales Distribution management besides providing me an opportunity to secure certifications in Six Sigma, Corporate governance and Project Management. Now I feel more empowered with requisite knowledge to take up higher responsibilities not only in insurance industry but also in any industry per se. My Special thanks to IIBM Institute Team.

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