Every Master Program wants to see a return on their investment. Going to business school can boost your career prospects, and in many industries having an Master Program will give you the edge over competition. After falling from 2008, applications for Master Program Admission rose in 2012, according to the Graduate Management Admission Council.

These are five jobs where an Master Program can make you more attractive to employers and help give you an edge in the Master Program Jobs market.

IT Manager

IT managers oversee a company’s computer systems. That can mean ensuring computer systems meet a company’s needs, upgrading technology and keeping the system secure. It also frequently includes managing IT personnel.

Many companies require IT managers to have a master’s Certification,. Companies want managers with IT experience, sometimes in a lower-level management position. Master Program have the management experience to lead an IT team, with the skills to deal with executives.

The median salary for IT managers is $115,800, according to the BLS. For IT managers at companies doing systems design, that can jump to a staggering $123,500.

The BLS expects job growth to be 18 per cent through to 2020. Master certification who stay ahead of the latest technological innovations will have an improved chance of employment.

Financial Advisor

Another finance-job that seeks out Master Certification is that of financial advisor. Financial advisors provide investment, retirement, tax and insurance guidance for clients, including financial goals or investment strategies. This option is especially tempting for those who want to be their own boss, as 25 per cent are self-employed, according to the BLS.

An Master Certification could help financial advisors attract clients. For those who are not self-employed, an Master Certification can make it easier to move into a management role.

The median salary for financial advisors is $67,520. Those working for financial service firms may also earn bonuses. The bureau expects the need for financial advisors to increase by 32 per cent between now and 2020.

HR Manager

Increasing demands on human resources departments drives the need for skilled HR managers. This position directs administrative action for an entire company and works on recruiting and hiring for an organization. Experience and an Master Certification can open advancement into this position, as HR managers work closely with executives and participate in strategic planning.

Advancing to HR manager means a median salary of $99,720, with an expected job growth of 13 per cent by 2020.www.iibmindia.in