Your dream job just got posted, and you’re super excited. There’s just one problem: You literally (and I actually mean literally) have zero relevant work experience. Whether you’re a career changer or a new grad with no internships under your belt, what can you actually put on your resume that makes you look as qualified as possible?

Fret not. There are a few different things you can include, as well as a couple of formatting tricks, that will help you present yourself in the best light possible.

Talk about your transferable skills

When designing your resume, talk about your transferable skills. These are those abilities that we develop with the passage of time. These skills may include your communication skills, management skills, your academic achievements etc. Try and highlight them in your resume that grabs the attention of the recruiter. By doing this you will be able to send out a positive message that hiring and training you will not be a bad shot for them.

Talk about your academic projects

Since you have no work experience, it will be great if you can highlight your academic projects. These projects can be full time or part time. While mentioning about your projects, highlight about your roles that were given to you or for which you volunteered. Talk about the success of the project that sparked you to take up a job in that particular field. Achievements should be formatted in such a way so that you get evaluated for them.

A convincing cover letter

A cover letter on top of your resume can be a game changer. Coupling a resume with a strong cover letter is important when you have no experience. Find a way to connect your passion and life experiences with the company; this will eventually give the employer an idea how you can relate your personal life learnings to your workplace. Doing this will increases the chances of you hiring. The cover letter is the perfect opportunity for you to connect the dots between the company’s needs and the skills you’ve built across your eclectic career.