Executive Master Program In Business Administration + 3 Certifications – 11 Months

Executive Master Program In Business Administration + 3 Certifications- 11 Months


Course Access Duration– 11 Months

Program Plan – Gives in-depth information about what is covered, schedule, different phases involved and Process

Key Take Away – Benefits of the course

Who should attend – Talks about the eligibility criteria, best suited audience, etc.,

Potential Career Growth:- On completion of Executive Master Program in Business Administration achieve a rewarding career

About Course

This course offers below 3 certifications along with Executive Master Program in Business Administration 4.0.

  1. Data science
  2. Project Management Certification
  3. Digital Marketing Certification

Mastering and obtaining Online Six Sigma Green Belt, Project Management, Digital Marketing certification along with completing Master Program in Business Administration 4.0 enhance the efficiency in Distance of senior level professionals in the challenging work environments.This superior quality course from IIBM Institute of Business Management also gives an opportunity to obtain one more certification in the field the professionals want to excel. Beyond creating experiential learning which helps to advance the knowledge, the course also improves the operational efficacy. The Executive program aids in raising the career bar from middle management to senior management but there is importance given to the additional certifications

Eligibility & Course Access Duration

Eligibility  Course Access Duration 
Fresh Graduates/ Diploma in any discipline or equivalent with minimum 3 Year of working Professionals. 11 Months

Fees Details

Fee Option Installment-I Installment-II (after 1 Month) Installment-III (after 1 Month) Total Fees
Lump sum Rs.56,000     Rs.56,000
Installment Rs.20,000 Rs.20,000 Rs.20,000 Rs.60,000
Payment Instruction
1. Fees need to be paid in lump sum / first Installment via Cheque or online payment in favor of "IIBM Institute of Business Management".
2. Exam Fee and GST 18% applicable 

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Course Curriculum

Executive Master Program in Business Administration + 3 Certification 4.0 from IIBM Institute of Business Management comprises of 14  core subjects taught under 2 semesters.

Semester I

• Human Resource Management
• Marketing Management
• Managerial Economics
• Organizational Behaviour
• Financial Management

Add on Certification Programs 
• Data Science
• Project Management

Semester II

• Corporate Communication
• Strategic Management
• Entrepreneurship Development
• Elective 1 Paper 1
• Elective 1 Paper 2

Add on Certification Programs 
• Digital Marketing

List of Specialization

Executive Master Program Key Take Away

By completing Online Executive Master Program in Business Administration with four certifications 4.0 from IIBM Institute of Business Management, the students/professionals will:

  • Get unique and valuable opportunity to advance education while continuing to work
  • Gain theory, skills, experiential learning and research opportunities to advance knowledge and enhance success in respective flourishing fields.
  • Build various capabilities to lead cross functional initiative and corporate projects.
  • Increase value as a project management professional and give them the scope to lead, direct, and implement challenging projects by IIBM India

Who Should Attend 

  • Those who are already employed as mid-level career executives
  • Experienced professionals wanting to enhance their proficiency in functional management and to enhance their management skills
  • Those who possess a basic competence in the fundamentals of business and emphasizes procedure, insight and ability to apply new learnings in real time scenario
  • Requirement of at least five to eight years of professional business experience and several years of managerial experience
  • Those who want to acquire certification in Data Science , Project Management and Digital Marketing along with Executive Master Program in Business Administration.

Potential Career Growth

On completion of Executive Master Program in Business Administration with 3 certifications 4.0 from IIBM Institute of Business Management, the students achieve a rewarding career:

  • Provides midcareer professionals the ability to climb up the corporate ladder and advance to an Executive Management Position
  • Offer fundamental knowledge that can be applied to all kinds of situations while also supporting personal and leadership development
  • Helps in making significant career transitions, find a new job or garner a promotion, Salary growth or launch a new business.

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Alumni Speak

jy Jyoti Prasad Das

Company:  Nitco Limited .(C/o. Shaw Surfactants Pvt Ltd)

Executive Master Program of business administration with 3 certifications remains a unique experience for me. With various rich cross cultural innovative procedures and practices that have opened a real window to the world, the course offered me exorbitant opportunities to prepare myself for all the career challenges I have been facing so far. The program increased my self-confidence, and enabled me to decipher solution for various circumstances that were out of my comfort zone. I have changed the way in which I approach problems at work. It has shaped me both as people and product person.