1. Portray yourself correctly by providing all your information:

There are some very basic questions an employer keeps in mind while going through various profiles on a recruitment website. The first one is what the job applicant is portraying himself/herself to be?

This question is often answered by the information your profile has. Therefore, you need to be very particular about it. Provide accurate information regarding your qualification (high school, graduation and Post-graduation) and work experience.

Make it a point to provide all personal information like your phone number, date of birth (official) and Email id too. In addition to this, provide link to your Google+ account for the recruiters to track you with ease.

In case you own a personal blog space, do mention that. It acts as a window to your experiences and achievements, provided that you have mentioned them.

  1. Mention your LinkedIn Account:

Having a LinkedIn profile helps you to connect with professionals from the same field. Although, having a high number of connections highlights your profile, but you should always try and have people from your field of interest in your connections.

When a hiring manager looks at your profile, he forms an opinion based on your summary box, specialties and last but not the least, your tag line. Moreover, make it a point to fill the ‘interested in’ box by mentioning ‘career opportunities’ in order to complete your profile.

Join groups related to your field of interest and participate in various discussions on a regular basis to maintain your visibility in front of various employers.

  1. Make A Solid First Impression

You have roughly six seconds for your CV to highlight you as a candidate for shortlist – that’s the average length of time a recruiter will spend looking at it. A good first impression means a clear and easy to understand structure and concise wording. Use a font that is bold and businesslike, incorporate headings in well-ordered paragraphs and don’t go over two or three pages in length.

  1. Use Keywords

Many businesses now use automated screening when it comes to CVs so using the right keywords can get your CV pulled out of a pack. You can identify the right keywords by looking at job ads, recruiter blogs and websites – which words and phrases appear all the time?

  1. Check your presence by googling yourself:

Along with updating your status on various social media websites regularly, you need to check your online presence by typing your name on various search engines like Google, Bing etc. This would give you an idea regarding the optimization level of your online profile and the ease with which recruiters are able to view it.

As the discussion above suggests, points to be kept in mind while creating an online profile for job search are numerous. But, following some simple steps and paying attention to each detail might enable you to create one which is enticing and informative. Keep in mind the tips shared above and you’ll definitely get a call from your dream employer.www.iibmindia.in